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Responsibility Of The Doll - Alexander Kerns / Mikey Erg - Kerns/Erg (Vinyl)

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  1. The doll test was created based on a black female psychologist’s Howard University master’s thesis. In the s, psychologists Kenneth Bancroft Clark and his wife.
  2. The identity of a doll is the most critical factor when determining value and options for disposition. Many seasoned antique doll collectors, through experience, can tell the identity of a doll and many times the value, by the height of the doll, the materials the doll is made of and the shape of its head - other minor details figure in as well.
  3. The only doll to decrease was The Sun Set Malibu Ken (Box with flap) at $79, /+ overall. I predicted that relatively easier versions to obtain would start to increase in value. The "standout" example had to be Gold Medal Skier Ken, with a value climbing to $ This was an increase of +
  4. A2 Alexander Kerns –. After a handful of shows, and the release of the (now rare) Lemuria demo, the group parted ways with Adam, and in March ,Jason Draper stepped in to join on bass. Alex Kerns/Mikey Erg "split" 7" / Lemuria The Ergs OOP Lind of Like Spitting | eBay.
  5. Feb 16,  · For $ collectors (or, you know, iconic-doll fanatics) could be the proud owners of this chic Floridian Ken doll, complete a stunning lime green-decorated sport coat, pastel pink button down.
  6. Alexander Doll Company's lovely 16 inch doll, Hope, by the doll artist, Hildegarde Gunzel. Hope has a vinyl face, hands, and legs, fixed glass-like blue eyes, rooted blonde hair set in a curly blonde ponytail, shapely bare feet, and soft cloth body.
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  8. Jun 12,  · Alexander dolls, see Madame Alexander Alexanderkins and all 8" dolls by Madame Alexander, Hummel, M.I., dolls: Vinyl – Kessy by Knoch, s catalog Erna Meyer dollhouse-size dolls, Germany, –.

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